Managing Innovation
This course focuses on understanding the dynamics of innovation and the strategies that firms can pursue to exploit these dynamics. We will consider these strategies and the particular tactics that are available to individual managers. We will also consider the interactions between an organization’s innovation strategies, its work practices, and its culture. The course involves written analyses, case discussions, and innovation.

Managing Technology

This course focuses on the design and implementation of new technologies in the marketplace and in organizations. Particular emphasis is on the introduction of information technologies in organizations. Topics include the diffusion and
adoption of new technologies; the design of new technologies; the management of development projects; and the politics of implementation. The course involves written analyses, case discussions, and an innovation plan.

Business Development Clinic

Students learn to work closely in small, interdisciplinary teams to synthesize technical, strategic, and marketing needs and resources into designs for new ventures. Topics include market research, financial modeling, prototyping, and resource acquisition. Teams develop business models for a wide range of emerging technology and market opportunities. The small, interdisciplinary team structures are carried forward to evaluate, refine, and recommend development strategies, progressing from rapid opportunity valuation to more sophisticated business modeling. The course culminates with a preliminary proposal for a single venture. Instruction and experimentation are integrated and overseen by both faculty and practicing professionals (investors, entrepreneurs, and executives).

Entrepreneurship Academy


The entrepreneurship academy is designed for PhD-level (advanced to candidacy) students and post-docs who can commit one week to an intensive workshop hosted by the UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship. The objective of the workshop is to increase the knowledge and skill base of research scientists regarding technology commercialization and new business development: navigating intellectual property and technology transfer, developing and validating potential opportunities for commercialization, and integrating scientific research and entrepreneurship.

The format of the workshop is a five-day immersive program integrating lecture, exercises, and team projects. Upon completion, participants leave with knowledge and skills needed to recognize, develop, and communicate potential commercial opportunities arising from their research and to tap the social networks linking them to the entrepreneurial community.