You know the myth is alive and well…

The Great Man theory of invention–that for every great idea there was one man (history being as sexist as business, science, and politics) and one moment before which the idea didn’t exist and after which the world was never the same–is still alive and well. Despite the many of us who rail against it. Just when I think I’m preaching to the choir, something comes along to show me otherwise. In this case…Larry Schubert of ZIP Innovations sent along this notice:

As you may or may not know, ABC TV is creating a new prime time reality show called American Inventor. The show is being produced by Simon Cowell and others from American Idol, and the winning inventor receives a $1M prize.

There is a Bay Area casting call for inventors, designers or anyone with a good idea on Novemeber 17th in San Francisco. If you have any interest, please visit their website at for more detailed information.

Inventors have held the business media spotlight as American Idols since the days of Edison. So why not bring them into the mainstream market? This will be a great mirror onto the collective impression of how “inventors” should look, act, and if we’re lucky, sing and dance.