Lesley Gore, innovation in context

Lesley Gore passed away this week. She’s probably best know for It’s my Party but my favorite is You Don’t Own Me. To teenage girls in the early 1960s, looking at a bleak future in a Mad Men world, this must have been a powerful message (the song later became a feminist anthem). It’s hard to appreciate innovations like that 2-minute song without having the context of the times. So to honor her memory, my daughter and I played the song and then, to appreciate the context, watched the Folgers coffee ads of the time.Here’s Lesley Gore’s You Don’t Own Me:

And here’s the world that girls lived in then:

As an aside, Lesley Gore’s singing career began at 16, when her first song with producer Quincy Jones, It’s my Party, hit number 1. She finished high school and then college, singing on weekends.