Opening the conversation…

A bit of an introduction seems appropriate here, if only for the sake of etiquette. I’ve started this blog with the desire to continue an offline conversation that has emerged with others in seminars, conference rooms, auditoriums, and hallways; over breakfast, lunch, dinner, and wine; and in earnest, in angst, in curiousity, and inebriation.

The conversation has revolved around a set of loosely coupled ideas having to do with technological evolution, organizational innovation, design, and creativity. The language is one of networks. Whether talking with academics, corporate executives, non-profit (social) entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and just about anyone who happens by, it’s pretty easy to grock the basic concept of networks. But like chess, a network perspective takes a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master. So here we are.

About me, you can learn more here. And I apologize in advance for any blogging errors, technical or social.