TiVo surfs the inexorable tide

As the revolution slowly unfolds…Tivo responds to the networks’ posting their programming on the web by partnering with startup Brightcove to allow TiVo subscribers to download (via the web) “television-like” programming: Tivo Brightcove pact.

So while the networks fret about how their right to bundle good and bad shows together, stuff the gaps with commercials, and insist viewers sit through the whole mess, the world evolves around them. And while they put some half-hearted effort into posting their own shows on their own websites, others find a better way to give the viewers what they want.

Is it really unexpected that we would receive programming via the web? We saw that wave coming a mile away. The interesting questions aren’t if, but how. Will we all watch via RSS feeds? Via blogs, complete with commentary? Bundling will look more like Long Tail TV than must-see TV, where recommendations will lead particular viewers along particular paths based on their own preferences.

In that world, neither TiVo (with or without Brightcove) nor the networks have an advantage.