Food & Health Entrepreneurship Academy

The Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Davis will be hosting the Food & Health Entrepreneurship Academy (FHEA), on February 23-27, 2009 at the University of California, Davis campus. This new program, run in conjunction with the UC Davis Foods for Health Institute and sponsored by Unilever, Pepsico, is focused on the fields of nutrition, viticulture & enology, plant science, biochemistry, nutritional genomics and fields relevant to food and health.

These Entrepreneurship Academies are designed to train university and industry researchers on how to identify, evaluate, develop, and advance the commercial opportunities created by their scientific research. It’s a one-week “bootcamp” where participants learn the basics of the business side of innovation and evaluation by working on the potential of their own research. We’ve developed an effective curriculum focused on the migrating technology from laboratory science to broader application which is then taught by a faculty comprised of academics, entrepreneurs, angel and venture capitalists, and IP lawyers. In this way, participants gain both a solid educational experience as well as a valuable networking experience.

FHEA follows on the success of our Green Technology Entrepreneurship Academy (GTEA), which brings researchers from across the world to UC Davis’s Tahoe facilities, where they learn and advance their technologies under the guidance of leading early-stage “green technology” entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and related professionals. And, like GTEA, the Food & Health Entrepreneurship Academy builds on one of the campus’s core research strengths.

For researchers, it’s an opportunity to (1) analyze, enhance, and communicate the value of your research, (2)
explore the business opportunities their research creates, (3) build the skill sets for a career in industry research, and (4)design future research programs that address and align with practical applications.