Some GTEA09 projects

GTEA09 concluded with final presentations around potential new ventures based on real technologies, developed by real scientists, and meeting the real world (for most) for the first time:

  1. A cheaper, recyclable catalyst for biofuels production.
  2. Solar materials for surfacing consumer electronics.
  3. High efficiency diesel gensets aimed at cost-effectively irrigating sub-2 acre farms (which provide 60% of the world’s agricultural production).
  4. Clean solvents for pesticide and cleaning solutions.
  5. Solar thermal-generated hot water for the food processing markets and cost-competitive with natural gas water heaters.
  6. Chemical catalyst for creating new fuels derived from cellulosic feedstock (woodchips, rice husks, etc…) that have energy density rivaling petroleum.
  7. Toxic compound exposure monitoring for hazardous work environments.
  8. Environmentally-friendly plastic resins derived from methane from landfill gas (or other sources).
  9. A solar thermal desalination technology with a proprietary heat exchanger design.
  10. A heat pump system which cuts electricity costs in half by simultaneously producing hot and chilled water.
  11. Internet router energy management software that reduces energy consumption by up to 50%
  12. A bicycle/e-vehicle hybrid that competes with small electric cars for in-town errands and commuting.

Many thanks to everyone who took part–the investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, industry partners, and especially participants who put a lot of work into advancing their ideas.

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