Local company, global solution

MicroMidas spun out of a UC Davis lab when four students graduated in 2008 and, two weeks later, attended our Green Technology Entrepreneurship Academy.  A few months later, they incorporated and set up their research lab in West Sacramento.  It's a great story for UC Davis, which has a vast inventory of research-born technologies addressing environmental challenges yet in need of commercialization.

The MicroMidas team was recently covered by Discovery News in a post aptly titled "Poop Plastic Puts Waste To Work

Usually wastewater treatment facilities separate the liquids from the solids in a large settling tank, [CEO John] Bissell told me. He and his colleagues presented their innovation at the PopTech conference currently underway in Camden, Maine. The heaviest nastiness at the bottom is incinerated or sent to a landfill or used to grown non-edible crops that are tilled. Not great options. Micromidas can take that sludge and turn 50 to 70 percent of it into plastic by feeding it to their own special microbes.

The team continues to make progress, and continues to demonstrate the (profitable) market potential for bio-materials outside the sexy but elusive biofuels market.