UCD startups in the news

A nice mention of some UC Davis-related startups, MicroMidas and CleanWorld Partners, in the WSJ today: Clean-Tech Entrepreneurs Eye Funding Shift, in an article discussing the shift in funding emphasis from the U.S. Department of Energy's loan-guarantee program.


We're stuck in between development and full-scale production," says Mr. Bissell. "It's tough finding lenders who will bet on a first plant."

To bridge that gap, Mr. Bissell and other emerging clean-tech entrepreneurs are eyeing the U.S. Department of Energy's loan-guarantee program. The five-year-old funding initiative is expected to sharpen its focus next year to less-developed ventures in areas such as carbon capture, biofuels and biomass processing as more conventional solar and wind projects gain the attention of private investors.

The funding program should be shifting next year to "less-developed ventures" in carbon capture, biofuels and biomass processing.  

"We're really focusing on transformative projects that can be grown to scale," says Jonathan Silver, the head of the agency's loan-program office. At the same time, the agency should "back away" from maturing sectors, like onshore wind and smaller solar plants, as private-sector support expands, he adds.

Best imagery quote goes to Greg Hayes from CleanWorld, which is looking to move UC Davis research in biomass digesters out of our labs and into demonstration:

"Right now we're in that valley of death," Mr. Hayes says. "But there are investors waving on the other side. We just have to get there."