Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit

Celebrating the launch of Ruhstaller, a new brewery named after Sacramento’s first premier brewer (Captain Frank Ruhstaller, 1881) by one of our former students, J-E Paino (proprietor), along with Peter Hoey (brew-master).

29741978Teaching entrepreneurship these days is a lot more than helping folks become overnight Internet billionaries, social revolutionaries, or clean tech heroes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just that building an entrepreneurial culture and community involves more than attending to the typical poster children. In a campus and a community which lacks such a culture, we should celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit where we find it. It’s great to see our MBA students embracing the opportunities for launching small businesses.

2 thoughts on “Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit

  1. This brewery was used as an example at the MBA info session in San Ramon last week. Heather used it as an example of how an MBA helps non Fortune 500 tied people.
    It sold me on the UCD Working Professional program. It showed me I can earn an MBA and it reinforced to myself how I can use a MBA eduction to teach me how to grow my business into more.

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