Not all entrepreneurs are created, or create, equal(ly)

Maria Meyers of U.S.SourceLink offers a nice perspective on the different types of entrepreneurs in any given community and the different community resources they need to succeed.

Meyers identifies four types:

  • the innovation-led entrepreneur (science or engineering-driven enterprises)
  • the micro-enterprise (hobbies turned into income-streams)
  • the main-streeter (local businesses serving local community)
  • the second stager (any one of the above, looking to grow to the next level

There are three really nice points in this perspective.

First, it respects the different origins and aspirations of all four types — and respects them equally for their challenges, commitment, and contributions to the community.

Second, it recognizes the fourth type — the “second-stager” — because many big businesses were once small businesses running along fine for years before become “high-growth.” Contrast this to the dominant view that only small businesses with overblown aspirations will ever become big businesses.

Finally, it recognizes the challenge is not re-inventing the means to support these entrepreneurs so much as bringing these existing means together effectively.

Thanks to the Kauffman Sketchbook.